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>> glenn: hello, america. tonight we'll take on the economy. we have done our homework, our research. a lot of over the last year. tonight i just want to focus on the economy. i'm going to close the case on what is -- what barack obama has said is the fundamental transformation of our country. i believe it's the destruction of our monetary system. we've got a lot of work to do, so buckle up. here we go! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. i brought my tv in from my childhood because i want to show you old clips tonight. tonight, i'm going to give you a hard concept to get your arms around. this one is difficult. this is what i think stops us from advancing any argument. this is a concept where you have to come to believe that there are people in this country who want to intentionally collapse our economic system. how could any american in any party, anybody who disagree with want to collapse and do something like that? well, those involved sleep fine at night, because they tell themselves that they are not collapsing, they are just fundamentally transforming america into somet
close the case. >> glenn: well, hello america. good to be back. i will tell you that jumped out at me from thomas jefferson a while back. the truth is sufficient to herself. free argument and debate are allowed. well, if that's true, and i believe that to be true, why are we constantly being told that the debate is over? what do people who are in power have to fear of further debate? if i'm not telling the truth, then why not just call me. that's all you have to do. call. why is it that you attack this program, this network and anyone, the tea party goers, anyone who stands in your way, washington? why attack? you see, lies are so easily stopped. lies that are broadcast nightly to an entire nation are easily stopped. they're called laws. or here is an idea, standards. even if you think i'm wildly irresponsible, you have to know that news corp. is not stupid. it's a company worth billions of dollars. do you really think this corporation would risk everything on an irresponsible crazy guy? that doesn't make sense. and yet, the phone still doesn't ring. well, we're not going to play this
to hint an attack is in the pipeline. the simple answer is america cannot and will not win. he writes the tables have turned and there's no rolling back of the worldwide jihad movement. when this new front starts in yemen, it might become the single most important front of jihad in the world he was the so-called spiritual adviser to the alleged shooter hassan and we know his website and blog were being monitored by u.s. intelligence late in 2008 and into 2009, shep. >> then there was the information from this suspect's father. >> well, correct. a month later in november abdulmutallab's father went to the u.s. embassy in nigeria after a phone call from his son in which he said abdulmutallab said it would be his last conversation. he did not mention he wawas getting on a plane in the near future. he met with a c.i.a. officers. it reads in part: now, sources familiar with the meeting in nigeria say at no time did the father suggest his son might become a suicide bomber, but as you can see, there was pieces of information floating around the intelligence community late last year. >> kathe
diversidad racial el censo comenzara un nuevo tour llamado porta retrato de america donde un autobus de 46 pies de largo y 12 camionetas vans visitaran alrededor de 800 eventos incluyendo el super tazon aqui en el area metropolitana tambien se espera la llegada de una van el camion se llama constitucion y es parte de la gira que a pintar un retrato de america en los estados unidos el de nosotros viene desde el 4e enero hasta el 14 de abril de este aÑo y lo que estamos tratando de hacer es promover la participacion en el censo 2010 para que todos seamos contados... paneles con fotografias de lo rostro de la diferentes grupos etnicos que integran la diversidad racial es presentado en las exhibiciones que realizaran las vanes ... estas estrategias del censo llegan en momentos en que para el 15 y 17 de marzo residente del area... comenzaran a recibir los cuestionarios del censo , las autoridades recomienda contestar úúúpronto es importante que todo el mundo participe en el censo por que la informaci
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of america's pre-9/11 mentality, former clinton adviser, fox news contributor, dick morris is here, happy new year. >> thank you. sean the us is tell worked? >> oh god, no. we had all the evidence in the world in guy was a terrorist. when the guy's father who is a distinguished person in nigeria, tells you his son is gonna blow up a plane and is in yemen now and they already have him on a list of half a million people. the only reason he's not on the list of 4,000 people, the no-fly list they restricted the size of the list and cut it back because of privacy concerns. >> sean: the number one job of the president is to keep the country safe. it is not to vacation in hawaii. not to pass health care. here's my question: examine and analyze his handling from a to z in this case? >> everybody is missing the key point here. they are saying the cia, fbi should have shared information, he should have been put on list and obama called it a systemic failure. that's not what it is. it is the result of a political reeducation this administration has taken the intelligence community through that says, don
>>> making news in america this morning. >>> terror tactics. watch lists, database, intelligence sharing. is president obama about to change the way america fights terrorism? >>> security confusion. new u.s. directives to airports overseas leading to seven-hour delays in some cities and being ignored in others. >>> and another crasher at the state dinner. the seek service says a third n uninvited guest got in. now a new blame game at the white house. >>> it's tuesday, january 5th, 2010. >>> good morning, thanks for joining us on this tuesday. i'm jeremy hubbard. >> and i'm linsey davis in for vinita nair. today president obama huddles with his top counterterrorism advisers finding ways to clamp down further. >> expected to reveal new steps to strengthen the security system. viviana hurtado joins us from washington with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and linsey. it focuses on two questions, what went wrong is one. the cia, the national security agency, and the state department, this is a partial list of the agencies the president is demanding give him
news called "where america stands." katie couric in the studio with us this morning to give us a preview of the many issues that will be addressed on this great new series that starts tonight on the evening news. >> we look forward to talking to katie, but we begin with the cold that is still gripping much of the nation. it's a brutal deep freeze in some smarts. in new england, parts are buried under record snow and in the south, the subfreezing temperatures threaten to destroy valuable crops. dave price is in international falls, minnesota, where i ask to you notice when they take him full on the bottom left of the screen, we've put up the temperature where you are. and i'm thinking it has to be a typo, dave. it says minus 29 degrees. >> it is not a typo at all. 29 degrees below zero is the actual temperature before you factor in any windchills or how it feels. it is bitter cold here and most likely before all is said and done we will tie a record here which stands from 2009 and 1968. they call this place the ice box of the nation for a reason.average high temperature here in
-on searches. but some experts hope america isn't relying solely on airport security to prevent another attack. >> instead of looking for dangerous objects like toenail clippers and bottles of shampoo, we should be looking for bad people. >> reporter: they want improves in the nation's intelligence system. officials were given a numb clues about suspected terrorist uhe mar pa ruk abdulmutallab before the attack. but the dots were never connected in time. also during today's meeting, agency heads will inform the president of lessons learned during the christmas day incident and changes that have already been put into place. michelle? had. >> and, whit, there are also reports this morning of an inauguration day threat to the president. what are the details on that? >> reporter: yeah, this is an interesting story from the "new york times." they're reporting that inauguration last year, security officials were concerned that some somali extremists were planning on coming to the united states and detonating explosives while president obama took the oath of office. well, it turns out they were all r
this extra security? >> fighting back against bank of america. a california lawyer says he is fed up with fees and is threatening to sue the bank. >>> a new survey smooes people aren't happy with their jobs. of course, people who can't find employment aren't happy either. but will there be more jobs in 2010? >>> a big unveiling. new technology that could change the way you watch and own movies and television shows. >> "it's the economy" on msnbc. we begin with breaking news. following this out of california. flights are suspended in and out of bakersfield airport after discovery of hazardous material. found in a checked bag. now, tsa employees found some kind of chemical ear at that point reportedly in a sports boughtal that was packed away in luggage. airport officials say it doesn't appear to be terrorism related but they haven't yet identified exactly what that chemical is. two tsa workers have been overcome by fumes. they were treated at the hospital and released. right now police are questioning the owner of that bag. we will bring you more on this story as details come into the
california lawyer is refusing to pay his credit card bill and threatening to sue bank of america. that will explain more of the battle, lot of consumers may be able to relate to. >> stranded passengers at newark airport. find an interesting way to pass the time. just one of the stories today that will make you say no way. >>> welcome back. following breaking news outside of chicago. video coming in from our affiliate wmax of what is a downed cargo aircraft. according to the official at chicago executive airport whi i, a royal air cargo jet down south of the airport. it is believed that possibly the pilot was the only person onboard. we have not been able to get exact confirmation. some of the words coming out right now, this is a small wooded area or wooded area, i should say, near the airport with a small aircraft went down. it belongs to a company, according to their website, specialized in cargo as well as a charter service. executive charter service. and they are searching in and around this area now. you can see that aircraft, cargo plane, absolutely in pieces there. you can
to the return of america's preseptember 11th mentality is aup former clinton advisor his web site dick happy new year. >> thank you. >> this system worked?. >> no. no. we had all of the evidence in the world that this guy was a terrorist. we, i mean when the guy's father who is a distinguished person in nigeria tells you his son is going blow up a airplane and is yemen now and they have him on a list with half a million people. only reason he's not on a list of 4,000 people, a no fly list is that they cut the list back because of people's privacy concern concern autos let's examine. number one job of the president is keep the country safe. not to vacation in hawaii in the to pass health care. here is the qe. examine and analyze his handling from a to x in this case. >> everybody is missing a key point saying cia should have shared information. and they should have been put on the list and so on. and obama called it a systemic failure that. is not what it. it's the result of a political reeducation. taken the intelligence community through saying don't profile. don't stick your nec
guess he forgets the terrorist was rich. if america cannot grapple with this attack, imagine something far more devastating, like a second season of jersey show. if you don't agree with me, you're a racist and a homo homo-phobe. >> welcome back, jim. >> thanks, greg. a pleasure be here. >> i like starting off the first episodes of 2010 with my favorite comedian. doesn't putting this guy through court delay things? >> yes. a good question for comedy fodder. i have to disagree with something in the greg-alogue, that he is brought to be caught. i think it's humiliating. your genitals are on fire. it's an example of dumb americans trying to do the right things and putting us in danger. >> no one is talking about the actual injuries. i want to see what happened to this guy. i want to see if it looks like jimmy hormel sausage. i want to see the pun issue -- >> it's jeany dean, or hormel. i'm killing myself. >> i like that double-shot of you guys in. why strangely aryan for some reason. congressman mccotter, there's a guy earlier on fox news who said it's great this guy is being treated like
at good morning america, bernie has thoughts. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching the first factor of the new decade. happy new year, hope you had a nights break. now, unfortunately we're back to reality and it's not pretty. america's national security is the subject of the talking points memo. president obama's christmas could not have been calm after that loon from nigeria tried to blow up a jetliner. obama administration changed so many policies any terrorist activity will engender controversy. president had to wins when homeland security new year's eve janet napolitano stated the system quote, worked. of course, it did not and she had to recant the statement 24 hours later giving anti-oak yauma people open to considerate sish. washington post editorialized with former vice president in the chain republicans embarked on an ugly course to inflict maximum political damage on president obama. the claim that the incident shows the president's war on terrorism is unfounded, unquote that. is t
be pretty nice. >> thank you. >>> coming up next where america stands on putting the unemployed back to work. >>> still ahead how the family dog saved his young owner from a a -- cougar. we will be right back. i know. my diet? well yesterday i had an apple turn over mmm hmm, i know it's sort of my weakness - i always keep it in the house well, that and boston crème pie, white chocolate strawberries, ya ya - oh! and key lime pie i've already lost some weight [ female announcer ] yoplait light - with 28 delicious flavours at about 100 calories babe, what are you doing?! ♪ i trust unisom. i fall asleep fast and have a full night of restful sleep. morning class. unisom. good night. good morning. >>> i'm peggy fox with check out our local website where moms are talking about what works for them to keep hands and body parts soft. >>> taking a look at where america stands. >> tonight putting america back to work. anthony mason looks where the next generation of jobs will come from. >> reporter: for 30 years they have been punching the clock for 30 years. now they and 1000 other
's breakfast, not brokefast. america saves on dunkin'. i like this one. in a national taste test, more hardworking americans preferred the taste of dunkin' donuts over starbucks. try the coffee that won... this one. ...and see why america really does run on dunkin'. thank you. >>> the world has a new tallest building. the tower in dubai is literally licking the clouds. some say at the observation deck, you can see the curvature of the earth. to see if that is true, may be in the eye of the beholder. >> reporter: a grand way to introduce the world's tallest building, lights and fireworks opening up the bursh califa. >> you have to give them credit for an engineering feat. it's also very symbolic. it's the tallest building in the world. >> reporter: more than 26,000 glass panels shimmer up the massive structure which is 160 stories, has 57 elevators, 49 office floors, a hotel, and more than 1,000 residential apartments. the man behind the development is still in awe. >> the challenge, of course, you know, you are using construction methods designed, engineering, so you believe in the t
tour sponsored by the u.s. government to get america ready for the 2010 census. >> it will have enormous impact on communities and people all across america. >> commerce secretary heads up the agency that is supposed to count every single person in america. >> voter or not, registered as a voter or not and weather they are a natural citizen. >> reporter: they are spending to get people to fill out this census form. at stake? power and money. congressional seats are doled out depending on the amounts. >> this is money for schools and human services and medical services as well as transportation. >> reporter: things got so contentious during the 2000 count, some were sued. the supreme court ruled utah could not count missionaries serving overseas. >> who knows what that would have meant as far as dollars and cents and programs, and to have one more person in the congress working on behalf of utah does make a difference. >> reporter: this time around utah is likely to get that seat. some are expected to gain one big seat. texas could gain as many as four. ten states, most located i
of government so we can protect america. i remember all that. i remember dick cheney coming out and saying that we have to do this because we're going to get hit again, that we just -- well, can we just say this? we kind of got lucky on christmas day, that there were some people that got after it and it was a failed attempt? but we knew about the red flags, we had the intel, it is not a collection problem, it is a communication problem and we didn't connect the dots. so much for the department of homeland security. i hope we get it right. this was not obama's fault at all. and the republicans, another story. republicans are saying that the democrats are worse than terrorists. this comes out of minnesota. who knew that we had a bigger nut in minnesota than michelle bachmann? i'll introduce you to the republican candidate in just a moment. i'll show you his crazy sound bites and how is he going to get a response from radical democrats that he's trying to unseat in that state. >>> another story tonight, the president meets with nancy pelosi. what should the final health care bill look like? a
. >> john, you're making fun of me. this will show how america has changed -- >> all those forms? >> no, it's ten little questions. there are forms in spanish and also vietnamese. it tries to count every single person in america, and john mk -- there is money and power at stake. >> not a broadway show, but a national tour sponsored by the u.s. government to get america ready for the 2010 census. >> it will have enormous impact on communities all across america. >> gary locke heads up the agency that's supposed to count every single person in america. >> it's the responsibility of every single person in america, whether they're registered as a voter or not, or even whether or not they're a national u.s. citizen. >> the government is spending more than $340 million, including a massive ad campaign in 28 languages to get people to fill out this census form. at stake, power and money. congressional seats are doled out depending on a state's population, and so is $4 billion in federal funding. >> if you want your fair share, be counted, because this is money for schools, human services, for medi
% delicious. >>> good morning, america, on this tuesday, january 5th, i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. this morning the president meets with top national security advisers. will anyone be fired for the failed courtroom bombing? >>> plus, three is a crowd. it turns out a third person crashed the first obama state dinner. how did the secret service miss him until now? >> the price of glory. the snowboarder in a coma after a nightmare training accident. are these extremeth leases pushing too hard in their quest for olympic gold? >>> tiger woods in the photos that have so many people talking this morning, photos taken four years ago at the height of his popularity about to hit newsstands now. >>> and thank you for starting your day with us. another big morning, a big day for the president as he is set to meet with his security team to discuss the fight against terror >> that's right. already making some changes revoking some u.s. visas adding more names to the list of people that have to go through extra screening before they board a plane. what more will the president anno
new york, good night, america. >> bret: next on "special report" -- the president says the system has failed. and he wants it fixed. following the attempt to blow up an american jet. the specifics and the fall-out coming up. we'll look at what went wrong. the changing administration rhetoric. and how a radical cleric fits in. our healthcare reform series continues with a look at what mandated coverage will cost you. and what happened to the president's promise of transparency? and u.s. efforts to put the economic squeeze on iran are dealt a may a juhljor set-back. all this plus the fox all-stars right here, right now. ♪ ♪ >> bret: welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. not good enough. that's the message the national security community got today from president obama. following what he referred to as a screw-up. allowing a man to try to blow up an american airliner on christmas day. senior white house correspondent major garrett reports on the president getting tough with his team. >> reporter: president obama delivered a harsh grade and gave agencies on the front line battling ter
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be in the pipeline. the simple answer is america cannot and will not win, he writes, the tables have turned and there's no rolling back of the worldwide jihad movement and when this new front of jihad starts in yemen it might become the single most important front of jihad in the world. alaki is linked to the fort hood shooting, the spiritual of to nadal hasan and the site was monitored last year by the u.s. intelligence community. jane: what information did this father provide exactly, specifically, and how was it used or not used by the intelligence community? >> within a month after alaki's writing in october, the father went to nigeria after a phone call from his son in which sources tell sources that abdullah claimed it would be the last conversation. he met with the cia officer and told them his son was missing, he may be in yemen. this was the basis of a state department cable obtained by fox news which reads that the subject may be involved with yemeni-based extremists. abdullah has tostled to lome togethero and dubai, uae. at no time did the father suggest his son might become a suicide bomb
in afghanistan. welcome to "bbc world ms." broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america and around the world. coming up later, iceland's credit rating is downgraded yet further after the president orders a referendum on whether to repay international debt. and some net to nexus, google unveils its own gadget to challenge apple's iphone. hello. straight back from his vacation in hawaii, president obama is right now holding a meeting with his top security and intelligence officials at the white house. on the agenda, the failures and lessons learned from the christmas day airline bomb plot over detroit. the first face-to-face meeting for the president with his advisers since the suspect allegedly tried to bring down the plane with an explosive device. with the international spotlight once again on yemen, the white house says no more guantanamo detainees will be returned to the country. 91 of the 198 people still held at guantanamo are believed to be from yemen. let's go live now to the grand foyer of the white house where mr. obama is expected to speak at any moment now. the president of sun an
at what america's strategic interests are. there are two conflicts going on there. one is with al-qaeda and the iranian peninsula. part of the larger terror problem worldwide. the other is with a group of rebels who are actually being assisted by iran. i think one thing we should be focusing on is to get the other arab states of the peninsula to work with us to prevent yemen from being further destabilize and turning into an al-qaeda base. it is in their interest to help us out. this is not simply an american pilot. we need to work with the government of yemen. it has its difficulties. it is not a wonderfully jeffersonian democratic government. it has made is deals with some of the terrorists. it is the government that is there, and american interests require that we go after al-qaeda in every way we can. martha: all right. good to see. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. trace: c-span is pressing to have cameras on hand as the house and senate work toward a compromise on health-care reform. an idea the president championed last year, but now they are trying to keep those came
making news early today in america. a washington state family returned from vacation to find a holiday lawn ornament stolen and the crime caught on camera. a man seen walking his dog with a woman approached the porridge, unplugged the penguin ornament and just ran off with it. the family's 10-year-old daughter bought the sea bird with their savings. >>> farmers are doing everything they can in florida from keeping the winter blast from ruining their profit. the ice insulates the fruit why overnight frost and protect the flowers so they produce more strawberri strawberries. >>> a chicago man set a record without moving. jeff miller won the annual couch potato contest for the third straight year. miller watched sports for 72 straight hours without sleeping. he left his chair only once every eight hours to use the restroom. and now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with your weather channel forecast. bill, husbands everywhere just got themselves a very good idea. an excuse. >> 72 hours is impressive. without sleeping. that's the hard pa
, every single day, america's cutting edge, national america's cutting edge, national conversation starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> and hello again, everybody. i'm rick sanchez with the next generation of news. this is conversation and not a speech and it is always your turn to get involved. that is the white house that you are looking at right there, and today is the day. the president is back in town. he is in a meeting right now to discuss terrorism, comma, the prevention of. at that meeting are men and women in charge of every facet of america's security, the fbi is there and the cia and the military and the nsa and homeland security, and agents with counterterrorism departments -- there are no cameras or reporters or any open doors. let me show you who is there as a matter of fact. here is a list of the people who are attending. you see them right there. you have several cabinet members. there are generals, both serving and retired as well. almost all of them familiar face, and too many to count. there is the white house counsel, the deputies of communicati
. they found 12 firearms found at checkpoints across america's airports, 24 incidents involving a checkpoint closure, a terminal evacuation or a sterile area breach. that might have been related to what happened in newark, new jersey on sunday might, when hours -- well i guess the delays went on for hours at newark sunday night after somebody went down the wrong day -- way, and that person was checked out, and they screened all the passengers, which delayed the flights for hours sunday night, and four artfully conceived prohibited items found at checkpoints. that's what the tsa is logging over a seven-day period. wanted to pass that along to you, from the website, patti ann: high society heiress and among other things, casey johnson is dead, her body was found at her los angeles home yesterday but the celebrity website tmz reports that johnson may have been dead for several days. the 30-year-old was the daughter of new york jets owner woody johnson and the great granddaughter of the founder of johnson & johnson. bob decastro of fox affiliate kt tv joins nous front of the home of cas
information? >> we'll have is a number of reports on america's security in the age of obama. >> be a great example to the world. >> brit hume weighing in on the tiger woods fiasco with some religious advice. mr. hume will be here. >> bernie goldberg has been watching diane sawyer's anchor debut and the new team at "good morning america." bernie has some thoughts. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >>> hi, i'm bill o'reilley. thanks for watching the first factor of the new decade. happy new year. hope you had a nice break. unfortunately we're back to reality and it's not pretty. america's national security is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. president obama's christmas could not have been calm after that loan from nigeria tried to blow up a northwest jet liner as it approached detroit. because the obama administration changed so many bush anti-terror policies, any terrorist activity will engender controversy. the president had to wince when homeland security chief napolitano initially stated that the system, quote, worked. of
on a beach somewhere in south america. -- the avid snorkelers is relaxing on a beach somewhere in south america. this is hurt and the experience, a procedure room where patients get to choose the lighting, at a ceiling scene played on monitors, and even relaxing music. it is one of the first of its kind in the country and doctors say in addition to simply making the patient more comfortable, their medical benefits, too. >> we have been able to use less sedation on patients because they are relaxed naturally cured >> -- naturally. >> force linda, the room had surprising -- for linda, the room had a surprising effects. >> to have not been in the water in several years? >> and it inspired her to get back to a real beach sometime in 2010. >> using a kitchen spoon to measure a liquid medicines like cough syrup can lead to over and under dozing. -- dosing. researchers as 145 college students to 4 5 milliliters into various sizes of spoons. of course, they tended to port to much or too little. while this might not be a big deal, the sick people are often at the south medicating every 46 hours
%. then other places in the world, the americas, africa, certainly other parts of asia are like the situation. in real. there's too much forest being lost. >> exactly how does it cause climate change? >> forests are what we call carbon sinks because of this marvelous process scientists call photosynthesis. plants take carbon dioxide out of the air in order to produce sugars. so carbon dioxide is absorbed by plants and then when plants die, the carbon is stored in the peat and the soil. it actually reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the air so that's a contribution. >> so in what other ways would you say that the forest is important, critical, if you like, for the environment? >> i would almost say that the forests -- the even more disturbing factor here is the loss of forest because of the biodiversity that they're the home of. in other words, forests are the kingdoms of biodiversity. all these systems that are working together in ecosystems. and they are not only important for driving the functions of the natural world but they're sources of food, of medine and natural resources. so by
. >> the council of america says that it's religious profiling. >>> we are now counting down the days until the ravens big palafer. fans are painting the town purple. live downtown, we have more on the purple fever. >> reporter: absolutely. you know we have felt it all season long, that purple fever and now we can see it all over baltimore. ravens fans are so devoted they came out to watch the ground crew paint everything purple. >> i'm not getting off of this thing. >> behind every great masterpiece. >> i'll start off with purple. >> it's careful preparation, solid execution and above all else powerful inspiration. >> going to win the super bowl. >> we are baltimore, home of the ravens and whenever the team makes the playoffs, the power house inspires the city to create. after hours of stenciling and painting, logos on federal hill and city hall. considering sean the master painter. >> i think it's kind of neat to see to see how it starts and finishes. >> reporter: it does not make it an easy task, you can see some leftover paint, nothing is going to keep the guys from getting it do
. >> reporter: can you read it? >> i would prefer oe-mail it to you. >> reporter: we then called bank of america. we're calling about rate hikes. >> david, i'm just getting ready to dial into a call. can i get your e-mail address if? because i can send you something. >> reporter: is there anything you can say to consumers to reassure them you won't raise rates before the -- >> we'll e-mail you back, ok? >> reporter: these actions, they say are necessary given customers are not paying back loans and regulatory changes. bank of america e-mailed they are not raising rates unless the account is late on two or more payments. we turned to the bankers association so ask why the new rates before the new laws can take effect. they say consumers are getting fair warning. >> they get 45 days' advanced notice, it gives them lots of time to get another card and option to decline the increase. >> reporter: but if they decline that rate in many cases they've been dumped. >> there's still a lot of competition, solicitations in the mail and customers can move to a competitor. >> reporter: we did call the bank th
are producers. they're not trying to scare them off like we sometimes do in america. they want us in their countries, they want that economic development. it's friendly to the united states. so it's a good place for us to be finding oil for our country. >> wait a second -- i've got to go back. you said something that i think a lot of american people don't understand. you used a phrase which said basically sometimes it's scarier to drill in america than in ghana. what is wrong with our country that that's happened? >> well, i think we've gotten complacent. the chinese get it, the indians get it. they understand the natural resources are a very important part of the health and welfare of any country. and the less we focus on that, the more at risk we are. you and i have resources in the united states that can be developed environmentally soundly, and we continue to put them more and more off limits. we take one side of our mouth, yet we don't fully develop the resources we have, particularly in natural gas, which is a clean fuel that can substitute for oil and transportation. >> loo
almost blew up a commercial jet on christmas day. what should the white house do now to keep america safe? plus, another white house gate crasher? someone who didn't belong at that state dinner got in. and it's not these people. that's next on "larry king live." >>> a deputy u.s. marshal was wounded and a court security killed along with the gunman in the las vegas shoot-out. we go to cnn's senior white house correspondent ed henry who was in vegas today on his way home from covering the president in hawaii. what were you doing in vegas? >> well, i can't give you all the details, larry. it stays in vegas, i guess. in all seriousness, i was coming to get a little rest and relaxation, obviously, and bottom line is that it was anything but. there was such a dramatic scene. i was driving near this federal building right behind me, and all of a sudden i heard a man in plain clothes who i saw had a 9 millimeter gun shouting everybody get down. i didn't know who he was. i stopped the car and i realized he was a plain clothed police officer who had something on his radio saying there was a shoote
: will is be fleshed out who america's number one spy master is? is it blair or is it paneta? will thi they profile. they have to profile when all these guys come from the same part of the world. why frisk some 90-year-old lady. >> brian: why frisk gretchen carlson's son. >> many saying now that they shifted from the 12 countries to do the patdowns that is already violating people's rights. really? because if profiling had been going on this guy would have never been allowed on this plane. will we move forward as newt gingrich proposed and profile people who get on our airplanes or will we not? >> steve: i would say no and i tell you why from the administration today because as a u.s. senator barack obama sponsored legislation to end racial and ethic and religion profiling. stand by for that. we talked about how did this guy get through. remember, in november this guy's dad went to the u.s. embassy in nigeria and said my kid has been radicalized, there he is right there in his mugshot, and i think he might try something crazy. so they put him on a watch list. kind of a broad watch list. why wasn't
to dealing with what is best for america, i do not think that the parties and racism, conservatism and all of these things, i do not think that they willÑi have anything. obama is looking at what is best for the country. health care, protecting our borders, doing the things that america expects a president to do. host: let's leave it there. these officials said that there are no plans to appoint an official house senate committee in conference. under the customary format, "a committee chairman is appointed with senior lawmakers from both parties in houses, participating in a perfunctory public meetings while meaningful negotiations occur behind closed doors. in this case the plan is to skip close meat -- the plan is to skip the perfunctory meetings. in this case, a 60 votes senate majority would be required to advance a final package. "i look forward to working with members of the house, the senate and president obama to reconcile our bills and send the final legislation to the president's desk as soon as possible," nancy pelosi said laced -- late last year." south carolina, go ahead. cal
of our invest in america series, you know what he said? >> we are really fighting for the soul of american manufacturing. >> fighting. he'd be winning. how about boeing which is on the right course. before going to ford. it truly made him industrial america's guardian angel, as far as i'm concerned. what makes boeing so important? all right. like ford, boeing is the best manufacturer in its class. it's a dominant player in its industry. and it's got orders up the wazzu. continental up a couple of bucks about when you see that,ç thin get me some boeing. ford and boeing have enough business to recall workers, place orders, make for a stronger economy in their own right. people don't want to relate these two. that's what i do for my business. these two can move the economic needle for the whole country with their own strength. that's right, autos and aerospace. after consumer spending aerospace orders are the biggest drivers of the economy, not housing. as you see they're both in great shapes. as for consumer spending, while we're at it, let's call out the frauds, the naves? why
news and reads various newspapers and other media outlets in america. i've repeated said we done want a special deal for nebraska, you can take that money back. that's now not how we operate out here. we believe in high ethical standards. this became a question of our integrity. we support it. we don't think there ought to be any special deals in this legislation. that's not the way to go. senator nelson has a letter from me that says remove all special deals, including nebraska's. i think he knows where we stand. ask nebraskans, they are angry, furious, upset. this has tarnished our reputation and we don't appreciate it. >> reporter: congressman over the holiday, what is the new response here with the health care legislation working through the halls of washington? >> in a normal year we get 25,000 pieces of correspendence this year over 60,000. it has been an intensely personal issue surrounding health care that's been the main driver of course dense and communications with the office. measure sweeping the entire country. nebraska has uniquely been positioned. we want a sense of fai
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rules monday, including full body count sts. some experts hoping america isn't relying on airport security to prevent another attack. >> instead of looking for dangerous objects, like toenail clippers and bottles of shampoo, we should be looking for bad people. >> they want improvement. officials were given a number of clues about suspected terrorist before the attack. but the dots were never connected in time. in washington, whit johnson, 9news now and w c >> the big bowl games get underway and you'll see the play which decided the fiesta bowl. we'll be right back. at soyjoy, we believe the best foods grow from the earth. whole. in the fields and on the trees. which is why we use only whole soybeans-- naturally rich in nutrients, like protein, fiber, and antioxidants-- instead of soy extract. we take those soybeans, with all their goodness, and mix them with fruit. then we bake them into soyjoy. soyjoy. whole soy. whole goodness. this bar is an excellent source of fiber. there's no fiber in this. tastes too good. there is fiber. [ chuckle ] no. i can't taste the fi
, piers morgan, the judge from "america's got talent" and britain's got talent," which found, among others, susan boyle, is here sitting in for kathie lee all week. he's always a lot of fun ooms. >> yeah, i like him. also, now, we've got a check of the weather with al. >> that's right. >> happy 50th birthday over here, and the tirabaschis are here. for today, we've got the lake-effect snow machine cranking out, bringing the snow through the great lakes, as far south as maryland. we're basically looking at three to six inches of snow. generally, one inch. some areas may pick up a little bit more. got a big storm track coming across, bringing big problems as we move into thursday, friday and coming into all that cold air, bringing snow showers from the mid-atlantic states all the way up into new england. basically, three to six inches of snow. a wider >> when it shall still an issue, although not as bad as yesterday. today a high between 32 and 35. chance of flurries again >> and that's your latest weather. natalie? >> thank you, mr. roker, as always. >>> coming up next, how to master the co
sure to read the body language. >> give me a procedure to defend america. quickly. what would be your procedure? his procedure is to at least start with this country of ours and -- >> i'm not suggesting profiling. >> but it's a layered defense. starting with smart intelligence, making sure that we share the information. then from there, making sure that once we get closer to the airport, we have behavioral assessments that don't rely on certain profiles that are not going to be -- >> like country of origin. >> country of origin -- >> you said ask questions. they don't ask any questions right now. >> we don't have the resources for behavioral profiling. let me tell you, if we push al qaeda to stop recruiting the people they've been recruiting and start looking for scandinavians, they will. but they would trickle down. this is what you do in warfare. you push your enemy to operate in let than optimal ways. profiling is just a starting point. you're supposed to look at other things. it's not a panacea. to deny it's useful is a foundational stone is just silly. >> it only displaces the pr
. >>> and an heiress to one of america's biggest and best known business empires has been found dead in her los angeles home yesterday. she was just 30 years old. casey johnson, heiress to johnson & johnson was found dead yesterday morning. a preliminary investigation showed no signs of foul play. she is the daughter of woody johnson, who is the owner of the new york jets and hollywood socialite and former classmate of paris hilton, was engaged to mtv reality star tila tequila. we will have more on her turbulent life and what led to her early death. that and more coming up. and developing this hour, a 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit near the sullivan islands a day after two other quakes hit in that region. there are no immediate reports of casualties or damage from today's tremor. monday's quake triggered landslides and a ten-foot tsunami leaving more than 1,000 people homeless. and this morning 35 states are seeing below average temperatures. in fulton, new york, people have seen, get this, 52 inches of snow. over four feet in a nine-day stretch. cars in omaha remain buried after brutal cold snap there.
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